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Whiskey Vs. Rum At Seven Grand LA

In the Colonial Era, rum dominated the North American landscape, but as the Colonies became independent, Whiskey became the spirit of choice to slake America's thirst. These two spirits have been battling it out for global domination, one shot glass at a time, and today, using different techniques, cultures, technology and raw materials, whiskey and rum have evolved into super-premium juggernauts that are undeniably superior to the antiquated spirits that once divided America. 

Join renowned drinks author, Fred Minnick, and six-time Emmy Award winning filmmaker (and founder of The Real McCoy rum), Bailey Pryor, as they take us on a spirits tasting tour-de-force across time, showcasing the very best that rum and whiskey technology, culture and experience can offer. This is a must-see event for the serious rum and whiskey enthusiast. Exclusively at Seven Grand and CaƱa Rum Bar, experience a tasting event unlike anything in Southern California, with rare and experimental spirits that you will never forget.

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