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3rd of July Blind Whiskey Tasting at Seven Grand ATX

  • Seven Grand Austin (map)

Kick off the celebration of all things America on Tuesday, July 3rd with a blind tasting of some of our nation’s twist top cap bourbon whiskies. We will be assessing twist off cap bourbons traditionally regarded as bottom shelf options in order to offer you an opportunity to find some diamonds in the rough and maybe even your new favorite budget whiskey. As has become our custom, some high end yet still twist cap beauties will be thrown into the mix to see if we can truly spot higher end hooch versus some of the more fiscally friendly options on our shelves. Either way, come celebrate America’s unique liquid contribution to the world of whiskies, and show and/or find some appreciation for the "whiskey of the people" and its various twist top packagings! 

Festivities begin on Tuesday, July 3rdat 7pm with a traditional Martha Washington Punch followed by the blind tasting which will commence promptly at 7:30pm. Six mystery bourbons, punch straight from the recipe books of 1776, and a new appreciation for America’s budget friendly whiskies all for $15! 

Do your patriotic duty and join us for some bourbon drinkin’! 

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This Whiskey Society tasting is $15 per person.